How to Get a Static IP Address on Google Cloud

Why Would You Need a Static IP Address For Your Google Cloud App?

Many companies require outside vendors to add a firewall rule to your systems so you can access a protected internal database or API. Or, maybe you want to access a third party’s API and they only accept traffic from specified IPs.

The good news is that you can get the benefits of Google Cloud’s horizontal scalability and all the other goodness it offers whilst still routing your critical traffic through a static IP.

Option 1: Do It Yourself

If you want to get involved with setting up and managing servers then it it is possible to set this up yourself using a traditional hosting provider like AWS, Rackspace or Digital Ocean.

The Good News

  • Control over how your proxy works and what traffic you allow through it.

The Ugly Truth

  • All of a sudden you’re managing servers with all of the maintenance, monitoring and upgrade pain that it brings.
  • What is your failover strategy? If your proxy is handling critical traffic then what happens when you’re AWS box falls over? At the very least you will need another box for a load balancer and one more for a backup proxy. Your maintenance load just got much worse.

Isn’t not worrying about this kind of problem why you moved to Google Cloud in the first place?

Option 2: Use QuotaGuard’s Hosted Static IP Proxy Service

Ahhh, the “Cloud-based Way” – let other people worry about boring infrastructure so you can build awesome apps.

By using a hosted service like QuotaGuard Static IP’s, you will automatically be provided with a set of Static IP address that your traffic will route through via an Elastic Load Balancer. No server setup or management required. All you need to do is configure your app to direct your inbound or outbound traffic through our provided proxy server. We handle all the High Availability, the fail-over requirements, and the load balancing for you.

For users of Google Cloud, QuotaGuard Static is available on our direct site where you can configure your QuotaGuard Static IP address to your app in one click with no need to change the core of your code.

If you have any questions about whether QuotaGuard is the right service for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us at QuotaGuard Support.

The Good News

  • No infrastructure to manage.
  • Built in fault tolerance. With QuotaGuard Static you get a primary and secondary IP that are hidden behind a load balancer. This means that if one static IP fails traffic will automatically be routed through the secondary IP and your critical traffic is not affected.

The Bad News

  • It’s not free, but our plans start at $19/month for a 20,000 requests and you can tailor your payment package to your app or business goals.

We believe QuotaGuard is the most robust, scalable and cost effective way of getting a Static IP address on Google Cloud and we offer full support for customers to help you setup, configure, and debug your implementation(s).

Google Cloud Support
We answer 95% of support emails within a few hours so if you have any questions send them on an email directly to our Support team. We also respond to queries raised through the Google Cloud support channels – but they will take longer to reach us – so I encourage you to just reach out to us directly.

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