Static IP Migration from QuotaGuard Static to QuotaGuard Shield

Steps Involved for Migration

When you move your service from QuotaGuard Static to QuotaGuard Shield, there are some required changes to your configuration settings that need to be addressed to get your Shield service running successfully.

First Step – Get New QuotaGuard Shield Static IP Credentials

In most cases when you changed from Static to Shield (i.e. writing Support or creating a new subscription), you will need to log into your QuotaGuard account and get your new credentials.

    • Heroku : Click on the small upper-right arrow next to the QuotaGuard Shield Add-On, this will automatically log you into your QuotaGuard Account.
    • Direct Service : Log in at the QuotaGuard Administrator.

Your new connection URL and Static IP’s will be listed in that administrator dashboard. Please update your connection settings in your application to reflect these new values.

Second Step – Update Application Connection URL

You will need to update your connection URL config variable QUOTAGUARDSTATIC_URL for your application/dyno to match the HTTP Proxy URL found on the dashboard.

If using Heroku, you can do this with on the Heroku dashboard or with the Heroku CLI using the command: heroku config:set

The URL would look similar to : QUOTAGUARDSTATIC_URL=

Be sure to use the actual URL from your QuotaGuard dashboard.


If you have any issues with your setup, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Support.

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