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QuotaGuard Shield is a HIPAA/PCI compliant solution that routes HTTPS and Secure SOCKS traffic through a pair of load balanced static IP addresses, built to handle traffic that needs full end-to-end protection of Financial / Health / PII and other sensitive information.

QuotaGuard Shield is the only Static IP proxy service in the world that is truly end-to-end secure and compliant
with the strictest data protection policies.


Why just using HTTPS or Secure SOCKS is not sufficient for end-to-end encryption via Static IP proxies

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Only QuotaGuard Shield does not expose sensitive data or require sharing private certificates with third parties, like other Static IP proxies, when using HTTPS or Secure SOCKS.

Exposing sensitive data and sharing private security keys is not HIPAA / PCI compliant and introduces multiple security vulnerabilities – even if you aren’t subject to any outside security requirements.

QuotaGuard Shield uses SSL Passthrough – instead of SSL Termination – to route all traffic securely.

QG Shield safeguards three pieces of sensitive information that other Static IP services leave vulnerable

Private SSL Certs

You never have to share your private keys with a third party, like QuotaGuard. As of 2018, 56% of security incidents stem from 3rd party data compromises.1

Sensitive Infrastructure Metadata

You never expose your source/destination hostnames, open ports, and running/accessible services and applications to malicious actors allowing them to map out your corporate network.

Static IP Proxy Credentials

You never route any IP Proxy credentials unencrypted for hackers to steal and impersonate your traffic through your trusted Static IP’s.


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  1. HTTPS is never decrypted on the QG Shield Proxy server.
  2. Final destination hostname and port are secure, helping prevent bad actors from determining what services are open to proxy’s IP’s
  3. QuotaGuard never needs access to your security keys.
  4. Significantly easier to set up since you control the security settings and requires no coordination with QG.


SSL passthrough passes encrypted HTTPS traffic all the way to the backend server without decrypting the traffic on the proxy.

QuotaGuard Shield uses SNI to determine billing and routing.

Therefore, traffic passes through the proxy encrypted and the destination server (web application server, database server, etc.) does the decryption process to read the data.


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Static Inbound or Outbound IP Address

Securely route your inbound and outbound traffic through a load balanced pair of static IP addresses via our distributed proxies. QuotaGuard Shield allows you to integrate with third parties that require a known IP for whitelisting or to open your own firewall to allow secure traffic through. We support SSL and custom domains.

Inbound Proxy via SSL Passthrough

Inbound proxy uses SSL passthrough – not SSL termination at each end point – to provide end to end security for your application traffic.

Load Balanced Pair of Static IP’s

We provide a load balanced pair of IP addresses, so if one IP fails, traffic will automatically route through your second IP complete with health checks and automated failover. We also offer dedicated IP addresses, if desired, as an option to provide more reliability and security.

Database Access via Any Protocol

We support all possible proxy protocols: HTTP, HTTPS via CONNECT and Secure SOCKS. Our Secure SOCKS proxy configuration is SOCKS5 over TLS to ensure privacy and security, perfect for routing your database traffic via a Static IP. Guaranteed to work with PostgresSQL, MySQL, MongoDB & Oracle, as well as many other databases and languages.

Low Latency Across 7 Regions

You will automatically be provisioned to the proxy in your app region for ultra low latency. Our proxies run in the US-East-1 (N. Virginia), US-West-1 (Oregon), EU-West-1 (Ireland), EU-Central-1 (Frankfurt), AP-Northeast-1 (Tokyo), AP-Southeast-1 (Sydney) and SA-East-1 (Sau Paulo) Amazon regions – so we can serve you best.

Professional and Responsive Support

We pick up the phone. We debug connectivity issues. We answer emails. We help create solutions to unique use cases. We do live online chat. We do one-on-one setup assistance. Don’t believe the hype? Just send us an email and see for yourself.

Easy Setup for Any Language

Instant provisioning of our HTTPS proxies. Most languages require only a few lines of config code to start routing through your static IPs. Review our documentation to get up and running in minutes.

Easy to Upgrade, Change Plans, or Cancel

Need to upgrade or downgrade? Don’t worry, your IP Addresses will never change when you change your usage plan. Hassle free cancellation, no long term commitments or annoying phone calls with sales reps to terminate your service.

Hassle Free Certificate Management

Certificates can be managed at each end point, with your own certificates (for example, from LetsEncrypt) or using Heroku’s ACM. You no longer have to configure your certificates on the QuotaGuard dashboard. Shield is fully configurable without having to get QuotaGuard Support involved, which allows you to set up your service securely and be running in minutes.

End to End Data Security

With the hassle free certificate management, your data is more secure because no outside parties – including QuotaGuard – need to decrypt or re-encrypt any data as it traverses your proxies.

HIPAA and PCI Compliant

QuotaGuard Shield simplifies the compliance requirements for applications operating in highly regulated industries. Use QuotaGuard Shield for PCI and HIPAA compliant apps in regulated industries, such as medical/healthcare, financial services, and life sciences.

Dedicated IP Address Proxies

Dedicated IP addresses, if desired, are available for Enterprise plans and above. Please contact our Support with your QuotaGuard Static username and requested region to get a dedicated IP address setup.

Demonstrated Reliability and Scalability

The same team that has operated QuotaGuard and QuotaGuard Static since 2015 also designed and operates QuotaGuard Shield. We took the best practices of our other QuotaGuard products and applied it to our QuotaGuard Shield service so we can continue to deliver uptime of over 99.98%, just like we have since we started. We gracefully scale with your business needs and – with over 2,500 active customers – successfully route millions of requests per day on our platforms.

GDPR/CCPA Compliant

Want to know more about your Privacy rights, GDPR, CCPA, and what happens with your data on QuotaGuard? Then please review our Privacy Policy and GDPR FAQ’s in the QuotaGuard Static Documentation section below to find out more, or simply contact us at Support for specific questions.

Detailed Analytics Dashboards

Track your requests and usage in real time via our dashboard. We retain 12 months of data so you can monitor trends in your usage and plan accordingly.


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” QuotaGuard Technical Support is amazing! They replied to me within minutes and solved my issues in no time. And even answered questions about my project Heroku integration. 5 stars.”

Ahmad, CodyTek.com

“We use QuotaGuard Static in some of our prototyping, sandbox, and testing applications we run on the Heroku Common Runtime where we need to maintain a static IP connection through our test environment firewall.

QuotaGuard customer service is fantastic! We had a one-time issue and got an initial response within a few minutes. Determined the issue was on our end and gave us instructions on how to resolve it a few minutes after that and we immediately were back into testing.”

Dave Whitmer, CTO, BorrowWorks Financial, Inc.

The customer service we received from your team was outstanding. Within 24 hours of signing up we received an email asking if we needed any help. We actually did end up needing help and Tim logged into our computer and even got on a phone call to help us find a single character that was wrong in our syntax. The application is working great now and I would recommend your services to anyone.”

Jonathan Kruse, Global The Source

“We had an issue integrating the service with our app and within 10 minutes the team from QuotaGuard was walking me through it in a chat room, including sending over working code samples for my app. Not often you get such hands on service!”

Vivek Patel, qmul.ac.uk

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