“We had an issue integrating the service with our app and within 10 minutes Tim from QuotaGuard was walking me through it in a chat room, including sending over working code samples for my app. Not often you get such hands on service!”

– Vivek Patel, qmul.ac.uk

“Easy to set up and forget, worked right out of the box for us. QuotaGuard Static allowed us to focus on building and improving our product, instead of wasting time with infrastructure improvements.”

Jacki G. – Life Scavenger

” QuotaGuard Technical Support is amazing! They replied to me within minutes and solved my issues in no time. And even answered questions about my project Heroku integration. 5 stars.”

– Ahmad, CodyTek.com

Keep forgetting how awesome QuotaGuard Static is. It just works. If you integrate with anything that restricts by IP, give it a whirl.


All our proxies are backed by 2 servers behind a round robin load balancer

Available on Your Favorite Software and PaaS Providers

Detailed Dashboard

Check your Usage, Plan Status, Request Rates,
Monthly Throughput, and Live Requests via our Dashboard

Simple Five Minute Setup for Static IP’s for any PaaS.

Take QuotaGuard’s own Dashboard for a Spin. Not Convinced? Why Not Start a Free Trial Here ?

“ Before QuotaGuard, I was running into various brick walls. After spending only 3 minutes adding the QuotaGuard initializer to my Rails project I was running without error instantly. Don’t waste time on workarounds and with your fingers’ crossed, this just works and is pennies for the time it saves you as a developer. ”

– Glenn McWhinney, Agile 5