The Quotaguard Story

We are glad you are curious about how Quotaguard began. In 2013, Quotaguard was built to provide dynamic IP to cloud-based companies starting with our first customer on Heroku. We wanted to ease the maintenance burden for engineers and developers, so we offered QuotaGuard as a done-for-you service that eliminated the need to rotate IPs manually.

Before long, our customers started asking for an additional static IP solution to solve a different cloud-architecture challenge. This gave rise to Statica (now known as QuotaGuard Static), which helped us focus our business around this challenge.

In 2015, Michael Frew, a developer by trade, bought the Quotaguard business to develop and expand the static IP solutions niche. He continued to build an expanded team of specialists through 2018, culminating in the first end-to-end encrypted static IP proxy service, Quotaguard Shield. Quotaguard Shield quickly became a highly coveted secure communication solution, making Quotagard the choice for financial and health companies worldwide.

With a massive global footprint today, QuotaGuard continues to innovate and deliver managed services to engineers worldwide, with the same tireless mission to ease the workload of developers and engineers across companies, big or small. We are proud to have reached this point and to meet so many fabulous engineering teams that use our products, to whose support we are ever grateful.

If you ever want to contact us about QuotaGuard, you can always reach us at our Contact Us page.

Michael Frew, Quotaguard owner

QuotaGuard is not the only company that Michael Frew operates. Alpine Shark LLC, Michael’s family-owned and operated portfolio company, owns several businesses. Like Quotaguard, each business serves small to medium-sized software companies worldwide by providing mission-critical software solutions. We have included a few of them below for your reference.

Gigalixir - Elixir’s Platform as a Service

Gigalixir - Elixir as a platform

The only platform that fully supports Elixir and Phoenix.

Unlock the full power of Elixir/Phoenix.

No infrastructure, maintenance, or operations.


Appointment Reminder: FIX YOUR "NO SHOW" PROBLEM

Appointment Reminder is perfect for the personal services and professional services industries. For example, if you run a hair salon, massage therapy practice, law firm, or investment advisor business, Appointment Reminder will help you spend less time on the phone and spend more billable time providing services to your customers.

Appointment Reminder also supports scheduling appointments where you go to your customer — for example, HVAC repairs, exterminators, computer/networking installation, and the like. If you use it, your customers will be happier and you’ll prevent the huge expenses associated with wasted truck rolls.

gigalixir gigalixir

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