About QuotaGuard Static IPs

Alpine Shark, LLC (d.b.a. “QuotaGuard”) is a family owned and operated software services business based in the United States. Our family business mission is to build and manage small to medium sized software companies that provide mission-critical software solutions for consumers and businesses across the globe.

QuotaGuard got its start in 2013 as a dynamic IP service on the Heroku platform.

We added static IP services in 2015 due to increased demand from customers for a Static IP solution that allowed IP-based authentication and secure routing services.

By 2017, our FinTech/HIPAA/PCI customer base needed a truly end to end secure solution to comply with new and ever increasing security requirements. That development resulted in QuotaGuard Shield , the only truly end to end secure Static IP proxy service available on the market.

By 2018, QuotaGuard was the largest Static IP proxy service for cloud-based applications in the world.

We’re proud to have reached this point and to meet so many great engineering teams from all over the world that use our service. Without the continued support of our customers and partners, we’d never be able to operate such a rewarding company.

If you ever want to contact us about QuotaGuard, you can always reach us at our Contact Us page.