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Why Does QuotaGuard Provide Customers Two IP Addresses?

To provide a high availability service, we provide customers a primary and secondary static IP address. If one IP address should become unreachable, then our load balancer will direct traffic through the other IP address until we have resolved the problem and reinstated the failed IP.

Please white-list both IP addresses as traffic may route through either one at any time.

Is There a Minimum Commitment?

No. After the free trial, you will be billed for your first month of usage. If you cancel, your account will be removed and you will not be billed in the future.

What Is Your Support SLA?

As a North American-based business we offer front-line support between 9am and 5pm EST on regular business days, not including holidays. Support e-mails are usually answered within a few hours during this period. Emergency support out of hours is undertaken on a best effort basis, but we pride ourselves on our service reliability and response time. Any time we can assist our customers, we try to make the effort to help them.

Also see : QuotaGuard Static IP Support SLA’s for Each Hosted Platform

How Does The Free Trial Work?

There’s no risk and no obligation. You can cancel your account at any time by simply clicking on the “Billing” link on your dashboard and scrolling down to “Cancel”.

Please note : Canceled accounts can not be brought back, you would need to subscribe to a new account with new Static IP’s.

What Analytics are Available?

We currently retain the number of hits you make to each API at various granularities. Via your dashboard you can see a real-time view of 12 months of daily data, 7 days of hourly data and 24 hours of minute-by-minute data. We aim to add response code data for better error tracking in the near future

Will My Static IP Addresses Change?

Your Static IP Address will not change unless you ask us to make a change. We use Amazon Elastic IPs which are permanently reserved. If our service associated with an IP fails we can start a new service with the same IP instantly. As your requests go via our load balancer, this underlying change will be transparent to you. If Amazon changes their Elastic IP policy or we need to change IP address for any other reason we will inform you well ahead of time.

What About Privacy, Security, and Data Retention Questions?

Great questions, please head over to our Privacy, Security, and Data Retention FAQ for answers.

How Does QuotaGuard Handle Proxying HTTPS connections?

Q: How does QuotaGuard handle proxying HTTPS connections? Is it accurate that Quotaguard Static has HTTPS connections to Heroku? If not, that would mean our traffic would be unencrypted between QuotaGuard’s servers and Heroku?

A: Customers can choose to have their SSL certificates loaded into our proxy servers so that we can support HTTPS for them. This is easily configurable in our QuotaGuard dashboard.

Can we request longer time-outs for slow connections?

Yes, we know some connections don’t receive a response for a while, so we’ve added the ability to request longer time outs for each account. If you need a longer time out, please reach out to us at Support.

“We had an issue integrating the service with our app and within 10 minutes Tim from QuotaGuard was walking me through it in a chat room, including sending over working code samples for my app. Not often you get such hands on service!”

– Vivek Patel, qmul.ac.uk

“Easy to set up and forget, worked right out of the box for us. QuotaGuard Static allowed us to focus on building and improving our product, instead of wasting time with infrastructure improvements.”

Jacki G. – Life Scavenger

” QuotaGuard Technical Support is amazing! They replied to me within minutes and solved my issues in no time. And even answered questions about my project Heroku integration. 5 stars.”

– Ahmad, CodyTek.com

Keep forgetting how awesome QuotaGuard Static is. It just works. If you integrate with anything that restricts by IP, give it a whirl.


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