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Static IP's For Heroku, Azure, GCP, AWS, IBM
High Availability, Load Balanced Static IP's for Any Environment

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QuotaGuard is the world’s leading Static IP solution provider for distributed networks and cloud-based applications.

We provide simple Static IP solutions that route hundreds of millions of requests each year for over 2,300 security conscious businesses around the world.

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QuotaGuard Static IP Solutions

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QuotaGuard Shield is a HIPAA compliant solution that routes traffic through a pair of static IP addresses that never change, built to handle traffic that needs full end-to-end protection of financial/health/PII and other sensitive information.

For instance, QuotaGuard Shield should be used if you need your traffic to pass through a known IP address for the purpose of firewall ingress rules or application whitelisting with a third party.

Shield uses HTTPS for outbound requests and SSL Passthrough for inbound requests. For more on the differences for these techniques, please read What is the Difference between SSL Termination and SSL Passthrough.

Shield allows you to use your own certificates, like from Let’s Encrypt, and does not require that you upload them to QuotaGuard’s proxy servers to decrypt/encrypt your traffic en-route.

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QuotaGuard Static routes your traffic through a pair of static IP addresses that never change.

Similar to QG Shield, QG Static should be used if you need your traffic to pass through a known IP address for the purpose of firewall ingress rules or application whitelisting with a third party.

QuotaGuard Static uses HTTP and SOCKS5 for outbound service and SSL Termination for inbound service.

SSL certificates can be uploaded in your QG dashboard to assist with the encryption and decryption of your data.

Available on Your Favorite

Software and PaaS Providers

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AWS Platform

For Devs, By Devs

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We believe that enabling access to protected resources is a problem solved with fault tolerant, load balanced, scalable, and securely routed requests using QuotaGuard’s standard API’s and language examples.

QuotaGuard has enabled the deployment of thousands of solutions, built on top of dozens of languages and frameworks with zero changes needed in your code. In addition, Quotaguard offers a language agnostic solution to every use case where a Static IP is required for security and accessibility.

Because we eliminate the complexity, maintenance, and pain points of operating a hosted static IP proxy, you can get back to working on your business in just a couple of minutes.

Simple Static IP Integrations

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QuotaGuard builds and manages the most flexible Static IP tools for internal and external network connectivity.

Whether you need a protected inbound proxy to reach access-restricted resources, or an outbound static IP to route customer to your Shopify store, QuotaGuard’s scalable infrastructure offers unmatched functionality to help create the best possible solution for your development team.

We provide a simple setup instructions to help you test and verify your connections. In other words, no code changes, just a simple, efficient, and effective setup process.

Above all, if you run into any problems, our friendly and knowledgeable Support team can get you up and running in no time.

Feature Rich Solutions, Deployed Globally

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Heroku Static IP's from QuotaGuard Service and Features

Constantly Improving Feature Set

QuotaGuard is an always improving solution that continuously adds more infrastructure resources, solution examples, and features.

Our engineering team routinely talks directly with customers to customize, debug, and verify many different complex solutions each month. For instance, whether you want to use Ruby or Python or PHP, building on QuotaQuard means you can use any tool you want, any framework you want, and any back-end infrastructure you want, to optimize the exact solution for any use case.

Global Availability

QuotaGuard routes business traffic for thousands of businesses, in over 40 countries, across nearly every industry vertical.

Headquartered in Las Vegas Nevada, QuotaGuard has seven separate regional proxy server locations to minimize latency and offer the fastest and most reliable service across the globe.

Track Usage in Real Time

QuotaGuard allows for real time usage tracking and monitoring of requests through your proxies.

Keep track of your historical request usage, rate averages, and Static IP configuration settings all in one convenient place.

Monitor monthly quotas and upgrade / downgrade your subscription on the fly with no extra cost, downtime, or hassle.

What Customers Are Saying

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“We had an issue integrating the service with our app and within 10 minutes the team from QuotaGuard was walking me through it in a chat room, including sending over working code samples for my app. Not often you get such hands on service!”

– Vivek Patel,

“We use QuotaGuard Static in some of our prototyping, sandbox, and testing applications we run on the Heroku Common Runtime where we need to maintain a static IP connection through our test environment firewall.

QuotaGuard customer service is fantastic! We had a one-time issue and got an initial response within a few minutes. Determined the issue was on our end and gave us instructions on how to resolve it a few minutes after that and we immediately were back into testing.” – Dave Whitmer, CTO, BorrowWorks Financial, Inc.

“Before QuotaGuard, I was running into various brick walls. After spending only 3 minutes adding the QuotaGuard initializer to my Rails project I was running without error instantly. Don’t waste time on workarounds and with your fingers’ crossed, this just works and is pennies for the time it saves you as a developer.”

Glenn McWhinney, Agile 5

Even though in hindsight the issue was birthed by incompetence, I thank QuotaGuard for the excellent service.

Let it be known across the land that they were there in my time of need, taking the time to help and guide me with much-needed help support, and unwavering enthusiasm.”

– Duncan Kooyman, Automatin

Keep forgetting how awesome QuotaGuard Static is. It just works. If you integrate with anything that restricts by IP, give it a whirl.


“We have used Quota Guard Static for a few of our clients who needed remote connections to AWS databases securely. Their QG Tunnel was just the right tool to help us connect our Node API to an RDS instance securely. When we ran into issues connecting on Heroku, their team was quick to work with us to pinpoint and resolve the issue in our code. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who needs to utilize a static IP address on their Heroku app.”

Ricardo Fearing at Chiedo Labs

” QuotaGuard Technical Support is amazing! They replied to me within minutes and solved my issues in no time. And even answered questions about my project Heroku integration. 5 stars.”

– Ahmad,

QuotaGuard Quick Response

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