How to Get a Heroku Static IP

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By using a Heroku Static IP service like QuotaGuard Static or QuotaGuard Shield, you are provided with a load balanced set of static IP’s to route either inbound or outbound traffic through to your desired destination.

There is no server setup or ongoing maintenance required.

All you need to do is configure your app to direct your inbound or outbound traffic through our provided proxy server. We handle the high availability, the fail-over requirements, proxy maintenance, and the load balancing for you.

Both Heroku Static IP QuotaGuard products are available on the Heroku Add-Ons marketplace, where you can configure your QuotaGuard Static IP address to your app, in one click, with no need to change the core of your code.

Over the past few days, Michael and Tim troubleshooted my QGTunnel connection. Though the problem ended up being on my side, they were careful, understanding, and empathetic. They responded within 30 minutes of each email I sent, while I expected at least a couple of hours. Tim was even kind enough to go through my Heroku project to find potential bugs that could’ve caused my issue.

I’ll continue working with/recommending QuotaGuard to anyone using Heroku to connect to a DB with allow-listed IPs.

Tim S. – Data Scientist for IHeartJane.com

Heroku Static IP Addresses with High Availability and Load Balancing for Inbound / Outbound HTTP/HTTPS/SOCKS5 Encrypted Connections


The primary benefit of using Heroku as your app platform is Heroku’s horizontal scalability, however, what if you need to :

  • Add a firewall rule to your system so you can access protected resources, like databases or API’s?
  • Access a third party’s API that only accepts traffic from specified IP addresses?
  • Guarantee secure traffic for sensitive data, like HIPAA, Financial or other Personally Identifiable Information (PII), end to end from source to destination through a Static IP proxy?

Heroku does not provide Static IP addresses in the Common Runtime Environment. In Heroku Private Spaces, which costs thousands of dollars a month, Static IP’s are available, but they aren’t load balanced, run on dedicated proxies, or highly customizable.

Tp allow-list protected resources, access restricted databases, or integrate with 3rd party API’s, you are going to need to use a hosted Heroku Static IP provider, like QuotaGuard.

What is the Difference between QuotaGuard Static and QuotaGuard Shield?

Heroku’s QuotaGuard Static IP solution routes your traffic through a pair of static IP addresses that never change. It should be used if you need your traffic to pass through a known IP address for the purpose of firewall ingress rules or application allow-listing with a third party.

QG Static uses HTTP and SOCKS5 for outbound service and SSL Termination for inbound service.

Check out QuotaGuard Static on Heroku

Heroku’s QuotaGuard Shield Static IP solution is HIPAA compliant and built to handle traffic that contains PII and other sensitive information. QG Shield routes your traffic through a pair of static IP addresses that never change with a higher level of security over QuotaGuard Static.

QG Shield uses HTTPS for outbound service and SSL Passthrough for inbound service. Like QuotaGuard Static, QuotaGuard Shield should be used if you need your traffic to pass through a known IP address for the purpose of firewall ingress rules or application allow-listing with a third party. Shield allows you to utilize Heroku’s ACM for your site or bring your own certificate, like from Let’s Encrypt.

Check out QuotaGuard Shield on Heroku
What is the Difference between QuotaGuard Static and QuotaGuard Shield?

What’s the difference between SSL Termination and SSL Passthrough?We cover that here in the article

What is the difference between SSL Passthrough and SSL Termination?

If you would like more guidance on which QuotaGuard Heroku Static IP service is right for you, please send us an email.


QuotaGuard’ Heroku Static IP’s have experienced an uptime of 99.98% since we started in 2014. We gracefully scale with your business needs and – with over 12,000 active customers – successfully route millions of requests per day on our platform.

We support all possible proxy protocols: HTTP, HTTPS via CONNECT and SOCKS5. SOCKS proxy is perfect for routing your database traffic via a Static IP. Certified with PostgresSQL, MySQL & Oracle.

Static Outbound IP Address

Route your outbound Heroku Static IP traffic through a load balanced pair of static IP addresses via our proxy.

This allows you to integrate with third parties that require a known IP for allow-listing or open your own firewall to allow secure traffic through.

Inbound Proxy

Access your Heroku app via a secure route. Perfect for allow-listing your application in IP restricted networks.

Supports SSL and custom domains.

SOCKS5 Tunnels

Access IP restricted resources without making any code changes.

We support a variety of TCP based protocols and programming stacks.

We also offer optional TLS encryption, if desired.

2 IP Addresses

We provide a load balanced pair of Heroku Static IP addresses so if one IP fails traffic will automatically route through your second IP with health checks and automated failover.

Easy Setup

Instant provisioning and the choice of using our HTTP or SOCKS5 proxies.

Most languages require only a few lines of config code to start routing through your static IPs.

Get up and running with our sample code in minutes.

Truly Secure End-to-End Encryption

QuotaGuard Shield is the only truly end-to-end encryption service available in the marketplace.

Learn more at our Why is QuotaGuard Shield More Secure? page.

No Hard Stops

What happens if your app gets more traffic and you exceed your current limit?

Don’t worry! We’ll keep processing your requests.

Somebody from our team will get in touch and discuss an upgrade plan whilst your app still sails smoothly along.

GDPR Compliant

Concerned about Privacy, GDPR, and what happens to your data?

Click here to read our Privacy Policy and GDPR FAQ’s
at our QuotaGuard website.

Dedicated IP Addresses

Dedicated IP addresses, if desired, are available for Enterprise plans and above.

Our proxies run in the US-East-1 (N. Virginia), US-West-1 (Oregon), EU-West-1 (Ireland), EU-Central-1 (Frankfurt), AP-Northeast-1 (Tokyo), AP-Southeast-1 (Sydney) and SA-East-1 (Sau Paulo) Amazon regions – so we can serve you best. You will automatically be provisioned to the proxy in your app region for ultra low latency.

Detailed Analytics

Track your requests and usage in real time via our dashboard.

We retain 12 months of data so you can monitor trends in your usage and plan accordingly. - title: Professional Support

Professional Support

We pick up the phone. We answer emails.

We do live online chat. We do one-on-one setup assistance.

Don’t believe the hype? Just email us and see for yourself.

Easy to Upgrade and Change Plans

Need to Upgrade? Don’t worry, your Heroku Static IP Addresses will never change when you need to change your usage plan.

Heroku Static IP Proxy’s in 7 Global Regions

Lower Latency

Regional Efficiencies

Keep Your Data Close to Home

Dedicated Heroku Static IP Proxies Available in Each Region

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