Static IP’s: Now available on Azure Marketplace

Microsoft Azure is a great cloud hosting option but it can be a bit tricky to obtain and maintain a permanent Static IP address, which is especially important if you need to connect to network assets behind a firewall that only allows known IP source addresses access to that resource.

That’s why we integrated QuotaGuard Static IP’s on Azure Marketplace, to help solve this problem for our customers.

How to Get a Persistent Azure Static IP Address


Problem: Obtaining a Persistent Static IP Address on Azure

By using a hosted service like QuotaGuard Static, your IBM Cloud Static IP’s will be provided from a load-balanced set of static proxies for routing your traffic.

No server setup or management required.

All you need to do is configure your app to direct your inbound or outbound traffic through our provided proxy server. We handle the High Availability, the fail-over requirements, and the load balancing for you.

QuotaGuard Static is available on the IBM marketplace. Configure your Static IP address within your app, in one click, with no need to change the core of your code.

Solution: Use the QuotaGuard Static IP proxy service

QuotaGuard is a cloud service that allows you to route both inbound and outbound traffic through a Static IP address.

Our service provides High Availability as our proxies are load balanced with additional fail-over protections in case any issues arise with the underlying hardware or one of your IP addresses. Even better, QuotaGuard is accessible as either a SOCKS5 or HTTP/HTTPS proxy so our service can be integrated in to any language and framework.

When you sign-up for QuotaGuard, you are immediately assigned two static IP addresses and a connection string for the proxy to route your traffic through automatically. Once you complete the simple configuration – that requires no coding changes in your application – you can route traffic to/from your app through the QuotaGuard proxy and appear to your target server to originate from your known and constant static IP. This approach works whether you have one or 100 Azure instances.

We believe QuotaGuardis the most robust, scalable and cost effective way of getting a Static IP address on Windows Azure and we offer generous free trials so you can see if you agree.

As always, if you have any questions about our services or plans, please feel free to write us at our QuotaGuard Support Center so we can help find the right answers for you.

“There was the problem of static IP address within Azure that were supposed to solved by something like using Kubernetes and using internal DNS (they see one address all along, but DNS is forking the inbound flow)

And as you can imagine, most customers simply require static outbound IP address, yet using Kubernetes is like killing a fly with an atomic bomb.

QuotaGuard was more to the point, it solves the IP problem only and nothing more, and it is available in Azure, so I had no reason not to use it.”

Quotaguard is a reliable and useful service, thanks. Great support!

Andy T. – armakuni.com

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