How to Get an IBM Cloud Static IP Address

(Formerly IBM Bluemix)

QuotaGuard’s IBM Cloud Static IP Proxy Service

QuotaGuard’s IBM Cloud Static IP Proxy Service

By using a hosted service like QuotaGuard Static, your IBM Cloud Static IP’s will be provided from a load-balanced set of static proxies for routing your traffic.

No server setup or management required.

All you need to do is configure your app to direct your inbound or outbound HTTP/HTTPS/SOCKS traffic through our provided proxy server. We handle the High Availability, the fail-over requirements, and the load balancing for you.

QuotaGuard Static was listed directly on the IBM Cloud marketplace from 2013 until 2020, however with the continued instability of the “IBM Cloud” infrastructure, our implicit recommendation only pushed customers onto more unstable, insecure, and brittle services after each passing year. This is the exact opposite of the experience we want for our customers.

Therefore, we opted to leave the IBM marketplace and service our IBM Cloud customers on a stable platform (AWS) instead of continuing to run on top of IBM’s unreliable Softlayer infrastructure.

Trust us, we’re saving you from some serious problems. To configure your Static IP address within your app for IBM Cloud, you just sign up and get started.

We believe QuotaGuard is the most robust, scalable and cost effective way of getting an IBM Cloud Static IP address and we offer full support for customers to help you setup, configure, and debug your implementation(s).

We answer 95% of support emails within a few hours so if you have any questions send them on an email directly to our Support team. We also respond to queries raised through the IBM support channels – but they will take longer to reach us – so I encourage you to just reach out to us directly.

“QuotaGuard offered a comprehensive service that fulfilled our specific needs for nearly 2-years, without issue.

Based on the customer service alone, we’d highly recommend QuotaGuard to others, and should the need ever arise in the future, we will definitely look to use it again.”

Dom Fennell, imin

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