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What Customers Are Saying

We had an issue integrating the service with our app and within 10 minutes the team from QuotaGuard was walking me through it in a chat room, including sending over working code samples for my app. Not often you get such hands on service!

Vivek Patel, qmul.ac.uk

Keep forgetting how awesome QuotaGuard Static is. It just works. If you integrate with anything that restricts by IP, give it a whirl


QuotaGuard Technical Support is amazing! They replied to me within minutes and solved my issues in no time. And even answered questions about my project Heroku integration. 5 stars.

Ahmad CodyTek.com

Even though in hindsight the issue was birthed by incompetence, I thank QuotaGuard for the excellent service.

Let it be known across the land that they were there in my time of need, taking the time to help and guide me with much-needed help support, and unwavering enthusiasm.

Duncan Kooyman, Automatin

As a small customer, I’m used to getting the cold shoulder when it comes to support. But that’s not the case with Quotaguard.

Not only did they help me with integration, but their engineers helped me with my specific use case.

I’ve never experienced this level of customer service before. I can say that I’m a QuotaGuard customer for life, because I know they’ll be there for this critical piece of infrastructure.

Many thanks to Michael and his superb team.

Requested to Remain Anonymous, but Still a Happy Customer

We use QuotaGuard Static in some of our prototyping, sandbox, and testing applications we run on the Heroku Common Runtime where we need to maintain a static IP connection through our test environment firewall.

QuotaGuard customer service is fantastic! We had a one-time issue and got an initial response within a few minutes. Determined the issue was on our end and gave us instructions on how to resolve it a few minutes after that and we immediately were back into testing.

Dave Whitmer, CTO, BorrowWorks Financial, Inc.

Over the past few days, Michael and Tim troubleshooted my QGTunnel connection. Though the problem ended up being on my side, they were careful, understanding, and empathetic. They responded within 30 minutes of each email I sent, while I expected at least a couple of hours. Tim was even kind enough to go through my Heroku project to find potential bugs that could’ve caused my issue.

I’ll continue working with/recommending QuotaGuard to anyone using Heroku to connect to a DB with whitelisted IPs.

Tim Sauchuk, Jane Technologies, Inc

The customer service we received from your team was outstanding. Within 24 hours of signing up we received an email asking if we needed any help. We actually did end up needing help and Tim logged into our computer and even got on a phone call to help us find a single character that was wrong in our syntax. The application is working great now and I would recommend your services to anyone.

Jonathan Kruse, Global The Source

QuotaGuard offered a comprehensive service that fulfilled our specific needs for nearly 2-years, without issue. Based on the customer service alone, we’d highly recommend QuotaGuard to others, and should the need ever arise in the future, we will definitely look to use it again.

Dom Fennell, IMIN

I have never been more satisfied with customer service! They answered my support ticket and emails very quickly, and they provided the detail needed to get up and running. I definitely recommend this product. It solved the issue of sending data to a database through Heroku.

The product documentation could be a bit better to help guide setup, but that could also be my limited knowledge as an operator.

Ron Baldwin, RelayPlay

Quick and easy to set up.

We needed something to solve the problem of providing a fixed ip address for our serverless app. With a little bit of prior knowledge of how to proxy http requests we were able to get a solution up and running in minutes. The support team was very helpful in getting us setup and we’ve been very happy with the level of service so far.

Phil White, RelayPlay

We at Capptions.com have been using Quotaguards’ services for many years, never faced a down time and their customer service is brilliant

Ruben Stolk, Capptions

We have used Quota Guard Static for a few of our clients who needed remote connections to AWS databases securely. Their QG Tunnel was just the right tool to help us connect our Node API to an RDS instance securely. When we ran into issues connecting on Heroku, their team was quick to work with us to pinpoint and resolve the issue in our code. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who needs to utilize a static IP address on their Heroku app.

Ricardo Fearing, Chiedo Labs

Before QuotaGuard, I was running into various brick walls. After spending only 3 minutes adding the QuotaGuard initializer to my Rails project I was running without error instantly. Don’t waste time on workarounds and with your fingers’ crossed, this just works and is pennies for the time it saves you as a developer.

Glenn McWhinney, Agile 5


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