‘407 Authentication Required’ on QG Static IP

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‘407 Authentication Required’ on QG Static IP

If you are seeing this error with your QuotaGuard Static IP, then you are in the right place to resolve this issue.

The quick answer is… if you are currently seeing this error when making a request through QuotaGuard Static, you need to contact our Support to get it resolved, as this is usually a result of a manual pausing of your QuotaGuard subscription.

For example, if you try a sample curl command that you can find in your integration settings and see this result, then you need to reach out to us :

$ curl -x http://8474x1u0q0w33t:<password>@us-east-static-07.quotaguard.com:9393

The issue is likely due to the account being paused for either non-payment or going over the subscription plan limit multiple months in a row.

To resolve this issue, please write us at Support. That way we can figure out what is causing the error and resolve it for you quickly.

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