QuotaGuard Shield Live on Heroku

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QuotaGuard Shield Live on Heroku

We are happy to announce that QuotaGuard Shield is now Generally Available on Heroku.

Thanks to my teammates and the folks at Heroku for all the hard work they put into getting this new service out the door.

What is QuotaGuard Shield?

QuotaGuard Shield is the same service as QuotaGuard Static – except that we offer SSL Passthrough on inbound proxy requests. (_Outbound pass-through support expected by October 2019*)

Why is that important? SSL Passthrough* is when an incoming SSL request is not decrypted at our load balancer, but instead passed along to your server for decryption. SSL passthrough is desirable when web application security is a top concern.

QuotaGuard Static utilizes SSL Termination, which means we (QuotaGuard) need to have your certificates on our servers so that we can decrypt your requests and then forward them onto your services and servers. For some sensitive business situations, that is not an optimal or acceptable solution.

With QuotaGuard Shield, and SSL Passthrough, your SSL setup is done entirely via your Heroku account and you no longer need to share your certificates with us at QuotaGuard.

Even better, you can utilize Heroku’s ACM, if you wish, as well.

Even extra better? QuotaGuard Shield on Heroku is HIPAA compliant, so it can be used for transferring PII, health, and financial data securely.

If you have any questions regarding QuotaGuard Shield, don’t be afraid to ask us at Support.

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