How to Easily to QuotaGuard Static or QuotaGuard Shield

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How to Easily to QuotaGuard Static or QuotaGuard Shield

Many times we are asked to move a currently running setup from a cloud service, like Heroku, to QuotaGuard‘s direct service without losing or changing your proxy or IP addresses.

Fortunately, that’s easy to do. Unfortunately, we are rather limited with actions we can perform on outside sites and marketplaces, so it requires a little back and forth discussion between you and QuotaGuard Support.

What we do is ask you to create a new account on our Quotaguard.com platform and then we will migrate your old account to your new account using the same Proxy and IP’s as you had in your prior marketplace account.

Once you sign up with us and pick a pricing plan that fits your needs, you can start the process.

After choosing a plan, contact our friendly Support team and let us know you want to move from one platform to ours. If you can, include in your first email your previous and new account names (something like “p79pr61hs50hy3”).

From there, we do our magic on our end and voila, your proxy and IPs will still be the same as your prior account.

How’s that sound for easy?

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