Error Code 1222 and 2297

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Error Code 1222 and 2297

When you see a QuotaGuard Error of 1222 or 2297 - or are sent to https://status.quotaguard.com/oops.html - then this is likely an error that relates to suspended Inbound Proxies.

This is usually a result of monthly usage that exceeds the plans monthly quota allowable. The QuotaGuard system will suspend a subscription after multiple attempts to contact the user (to update the payment plan) have been unsuccessful.

Steps to Fix QuotaGuard Error 1222:

A) Log into your QuotaGuard account and follow these instructions to change your plan to one that covers the usage for the current month :

Azure: How to Upgrade on Azure

Direct Service: How to Upgrade on Direct Plans

Heroku: How to Upgrade on Heroku

AWS: How to Upgrade on AWS

B) After changing the plan to an appropriate level, the subscription plan service will update each account every 10 minutes, on the “0” minute, to reflect “Active” instead of “Suspended”.

Please wait until you see the time pass 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, or the start of the hour and verify that your QuotaGuard service is working.

C) Verify your QG integration is now working. If it is not, write us at Support so we can verify that everything processed correctly with the upgrade and the service is now in good standing.

D) Optional Recommendation - Make sure Quotaguard has an email address on file that you actually will receive when your account is approaching its quota so we can successfully reach out to you.

Some accounts have generic Accounting or unmonitored emails and we have no way to reach you to tell you your account is over its limit.

This is the #1 reason subscriptions are suspended, not because there’s an issue, but because we can’t reach customers to discuss how to resolve account questions.

If you account has a generic or unmonitored email address, please send us an email at Support so we can update your contact information.

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