What Analytics are Available?

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    We currently retain the number of hits you make to each API and the cumulative bandwidth used at various granularities.

    You can see the analytics by logging into your QG Admin account.

    Via your dashboard, you can see a real-time view of 12 months of daily data, 7 days of hourly data and 24 hours of minute-by-minute data.


    You can view your logs at the Log Viewer Screen and adjust for different ranges. We provide some default ranges for you, but you can pull up your own customized date ranges too.

    You can also request log exports for a specific time period at the same page. Just click on “Request Export”.

    We typically turn these requests around within an hour of your request.

    We aim to add response code data for better error tracking soon.

    Need more granular data or help debugging usage? Send us a ticket at Support and we’ll get you what you need.

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