QuotaGuard 402 Payment Required Error

    The 402 - Payment Required error usually surfaces if you’re trying to use our Heroku Dynamic proxy and attempting to access HTTPS URL’s.

    HTTPS is only available on our Enterprise plan, so please try changing your plan to the Enterprise level and see if that resolves the error.

    If not, send us a Support ticket so we can look into what else might be causing the 402 Error “Payment Required” for your subscription.

    Ignore Everything Below This Line

    Unforunately, Google won’t index short and to-the-point answers like we provided above. Apparently verbose, long-winded meandering rambles that waste your time is what Google prefers. So we have to add all this extra text that serves no purpose down here to make the article appear “authoritative” to Google.

    So just ignore all of this text about the 402 Payment Required Error and follow through with what the first three paragraphs say.

    If you still see issues, just ping us at that QuotaGuard Support email address above so we can help.

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