How Does The Free Trial Work?

    Note to Heroku Users: Heroku does not have the capability to do a “free trial”, unfortunately. However, because Heroku charges by the second, you can test our Add-on for a few days and it only costs a few pennies.

    The free trial is just that, a free trial.

    Micro, Medium and Large plans have a 3 day free trial period.

    Plans on the Enterprise level and above have a 7 day free trial period.

    Do You Need More Time to Test?

    If you need more time to test out the service, just send us a message at Support so we can add more time to your trial.

    How to End Free Trial

    You can cancel at any time if QuotaGuard isn’t the right service for your use case.

    If you need to cancel, you can do it in one click by logging into your account and canceling the subscription on our direct service, or on Heroku, on AWS, or on Azure.

    If you find our service works for your use case, then just “do nothing” and the free trial will convert on its own. There’s nothing else you need to do.

    Please note: Canceled accounts can not be brought back, you would need to subscribe to a new account with new Static IP’s.

    Ready to Get Started?

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