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    The QuotaGuard Logs viewer allows users to review the log data on individual subscriptions.


    Users can review up to 1,000 entries from the last 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 4 hours, 24 hours, or 7 days with our pre-configured ranges.

    You can also set your own Custom Range to pull logs from a particular time period.

    If you need an export of logs, you can request those as well. We can provide a CSV file of the logs for your own use.

    We provide the logs to aid in setting up the proxy connection and for validating usage. We have a limit of 5 million entries for this log export. Additionally, because these are proxy connetion and usage logs, this means we do not record connection terminations.

    The logs are not designed to be an connection analysis tool and we will not be able to answer routine, repeat requests for the same logs more (due to the manual process to retrieve the logs).

    The timestamps are in UTC for start of request.

    If you need logs on a regular basis, please contact our QuotaGuard Support team to come up with a solution long term.

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