How to Upgrade, Downgrade, or Cancel a Subscription on your QuotaGuard Account

    We try and make it very simple to upgrade (or downgrade) your QuotaGuard subscription plan. Both can be done following these directions…

    Note: Changing your plan will not affect the availability of your service, it will not change your IP addresses, nor will not experience any downtime.

    The only case where a plan change would affect your service is if you are on a Dedicated Proxy and downgrade below the Enterprise Plan, or if you downgrade below the Micro Plan and are using an Inbound proxy. If either of those two cases are likely for you, please email us at Support first!

    Step 1. Log into QuotaGuard at

    Step 2. Navigate to the upper right and click on the subscriptions dropdown box to see all of your current QuotaGuard subscriptions.


    Click on Manage Subscriptions to see all the subscriptions in one screen with the option to Change Plan now available.


    Step 3. Click Change Plan on the subscription you wish to change. Click on that button to bring up a screen of subscription plan options.


    Step 4. Select the plan that you desire and click Change Plan. (If you need help deciding, we can help at Support.)

    Plans Changes and Billing

    If you are increasing your plan (upgrading), Stripe will automatically charge the default payment method on file for a pro-rated amount based on the time remaining in your pre-paid monthly cycle.

    If you are decreasing your plan (downgrading), Stripe will automatically credit your on-going subscription with the unused, pre-paid amount paid in the prior month and apply it to your future payments.

    That’s it! Happy Tunnelling!