Do Static IP’s Work w/ VNC for Remote Workers??

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    Many times we get requests for help to set up a team of remote workers or help with a “Work From Home” Static IP address solution.

    As much as we don’t want to turn away an engineering challenge, our business is not exactly the best fit for that type of long term business use case.

    Our opinion is that Static IP proxies, like QuotaGuard, work best from an application to application level.

    Typically when we get this type of request, we tell people to look for a VPN with a Static IP.

    We don’t have any VPN service that we recommend - as it depends on your business case, location, and security.

    However if you’ve landed on our site trying to integrate QuotaGuard with VNC, it’s likely what you’re really trying to find is a VPN with a Static IP.

    Happy Tunneling!

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