How Does QuotaGuard Handle Proxying HTTPS connections?

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    We always get a few questions regarding how QuotaGuard handles proxying HTTPS connections.

       How does QuotaGuard handle proxying HTTPS connections?

       Is it accurate that Quotaguard Static has HTTPS connections to Heroku?

       If not, that would mean our traffic would be unencrypted between QuotaGuard’s servers and Heroku?

    This is one of the main reasons we created QuotaGuard Shield, to assist with this type of security request and solution.

    Now there are two options:

    1. Customers can choose to use QuotaGuard Shield and control their own certificates for maximum security.

    2. Customers can use QuotaGuard Static and have their SSL certificates loaded into our proxy servers so that QuotaGuard can support HTTPS for you.

    Adding certificates for QuotaGuard Static is easily configurable in the QuotaGuard dashboard.

    However, we strongly recommend not sharing your certificates with third-parties (like QuotaGuard) and using QuotaGuard Shield to retain physical possession of your certificates at all times.

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