How to Add SSL Certificates for QuotaGuard Static

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    When you set up a Custom Domain with QuotaGuard Static, you have the option of uploading your own SSL certificates to QuotaGuard.

    Please keep in mind that uploading your certificates to a third party, like QuotaGuard, increases your third party risk as an organization outside of your own security control has physical access to your certificates. That is why we strongly recommend using QuotaGuard Shield as your secure QuotaGuard service to protect against third party risk.

    If you have questions on the differences, please see our article on the differences between QuotaGuard Static and QuotaGuard Shield.

    To move forward with QuotaGuard Static and uploading SSL Certificates, please follow the Custom Domain setup instructions. Step 5 deals with certificate uploading.

    If you have more questions on the differences between the two services, you can always write us at Support.

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