Why My Static IP’s are the same with others??

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    By default, we provide users with a shared proxy service. This means that you share the servers and the IPs with many other users.

    If you sign up for two subscriptions, there’s a likelihood they will both be on the same shared proxy with the same IP addresses. Only the usernames and passwords would be different for each subscription.

    We use your usernames/passwords to distinguish your traffic for billing purposes.

    If you want different IP’s for your multiple subscriptions, you have three options that can result in this change:

    1. If you use our service in two different regions, you will get different IPs (although still shared).

    2. If you request from Support for us to move you to different IPs for each subscription - and we have additional servers in your region (usually not a problem)- then you can be reassigned new IPs to split the two accounts (still shared).

    3. For Enterprise plans and greater, you can request Dedicated Proxy service. This gives you dedicated proxy resources and dedicated IPs.

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