Add Subscriptions to your QuotaGuard Account

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    To add additional subscriptions to your QuotaGuard account, please follow these simple steps below.

    Please Note: Additional subscriptions do not have a free trial. The payment method on file will be charged when procuring a new subscriptions.

    1. Log into your QG Administrator account.

    2. In the upper right corner, you will see your current QuotaGuard username (something like “rs7nfi2n2nd) with a dropdown arrow. Click on that dropdown arrow and select “Manage Subscriptions

    3. Once in Manage Subscriptions, click on the green +Plus arrow to add a new subscription.

    4. At the top of the pop-up box, select which QuotaGuard service you need…either Static or Shield.

    5. Select the correct region for your proxy.

    6. Select the appropriate plan for your new subscription.

    7. Click Add Subscription.

    Your new subscription will be provisioned instantly and available in the same dropdown box you used in step #2 above.

    Note: Dedicated subscriptions still need to be created by hand, so if you are on the Enterprise plan (or higher), please write us at Support and let us know to move you to a dedicated proxy.

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