Using PythonAnywhere with QuotaGuard Static IP's

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    PythonAnywhere can present a problem for our usual QGTunnel/Procfile solution because it doesn’t allow users to run their own binaries, so we created a monkey patch solution that has worked for quite a few customers.

    Here is an example using MySQL and some pips we selected for the patch. If you already have other pips setup, please contact our Support if this solution doesn’t work so we can figure out a way to make it work for you.

    Our test: Tested to work with Python 3 using mysql-connector-python through PySocks

    1) Download

    2) Please read the file for details on how to use the test application.

    3) Install the pips in the requirements.txt file: pip install -r requirements.txt

    4) Setup the environment variables QUOTAGUARDSTATIC_URL or QUOTAGUARDSHIELD_URL from the quotaguard dashboard.

    For example:

    NOTE: HTTP and SOCKS URL’s are fine, will handle either.

    5) Setup your database connection environment variable DATABASE.

    For example: mysql://

    6) Run the application: python

    If this doesn’t work, just write us at Support. We’ll figure it out for you so you can get running.

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