Can I access my app/website via my Static IP address?

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    By default, QuotaGuard Static and QuotaGuard Shield allows you to do two things:

    1) Route outbound traffic from your app via a Static IP, for example, to access a database behind a firewall.

    2) Route inbound traffic via a static IP to your application.

    Unfortunately, for inbound connections to your app, you can’t just enter in the Static IP address in your browser and expect it to bring up your app.

    Most customers - unless you are already on a dedicated proxy - are on a shared proxy. Shared proxies have multiple accounts that are sharing the same IP address, so without using a hostname in your URL, we are unable to determine which account to route traffic to correctly.

    If you make this mistake and type the IP address in directly, you’ll see an “Oops” page with Error 1222. In this case, the suggestion on that blog page of changing your QuotaGuard plan won’t help, as the issue with with trying to navigate directly to the IP address instead of a hostname / custom domain.

    To get started with adding a Custom Domain so you can navigate correctly to your app, you will need to follow one of these two sets of directions depending on your QuotaGuard service.

    A) For QuotaGuard Static, please see Getting Started With QuotaGuard Static’s IP Inbound Proxy.

    B) For QuotaGuard Shield, please see Getting Started With QuotaGuard Shield’s IP Inbound Proxy.

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