How QuotaGuard Measures SOCKS Bandwidth in the Log Files?

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    How QuotaGuard measures SOCKS bandwidth is a question we get from time to time. The answer is pretty simple:

    QuotaGuard logs both your requests and passed-through bandwidth.

    For the SOCKS bandwidth, we’re simply measuring the bandwidth going through the SOCKS proxy.

    Since most SOCKS connections are long lived, we log every time 1MB is reached, then any remaining balance that is left when the connection is closed gets attached to the RESPONSE log entry.

    For example, if you consume 3.5MB in a single connection you should see:

       REQUEST - 0 bytes

       BANDWIDTH - 1MB

       BANDWIDTH - 1MB

       BANDWIDTH - 1MB

       RESPONSE - 0.5MB

    Hopefully that helps clear up the question, but if not, send us more questions at Support so we can answer them for you.

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