Sending Files via a Static IP with Ruby SFTP

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    Secure FTP allows you to transfer data securely between servers.

    You can use the Ruby SFTP library to route SFTP transfers via QuotaGuard allowing you to lock down access to our Static IP addresses:

    require 'net/ssh'
    require 'uri'
    require 'net/sftp'
    require 'net/ssh/proxy/http'
    quotaguard = URI(ENV["QUOTAGUARD_URL"])
    proxy =,quotaguard.port, :user => quotaguard.user,:password=>quotaguard.password)
    {:port => 22,
    :proxy => proxy,
    :password => 'sftppw'}) do |ssh|
    ssh.sftp.connect do |sftp|
    sftp.dir.foreach("/") do |entry|
    puts entry.longname

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