What Counts as a Request?

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    When using the SOCKS proxy, we count each TCP Connect as a request.

    Generally for a database setup, you will use long-term sessions, which will result in very few requests.

       Note: Most database users are going to run into bandwidth limits well before they run into request limits.

    If you are using a GET call (using HTTP for your proxy and not SOCKS) would mean each GET is a request.

    A lot of applications will utilize a connection library to establish a long-lived connection to the database.

    You will have to see what the best practice is for your use case.

    If you have questions about SOCKS bandwidth, our article on “How Does QuotaGuard Measure Bandwidth for SOCKS” might help.

    If you need help figuring this out, just reach out to us on Support. Please don’t be shy, we get these questions all the time.

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