Why Can't I Ping My IP Addresses?

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    Are you trying to access your assigned IP addresses via the ping command? Maybe you can access them through a browser, but aren’t sure why you can’t ping them?

    There is a simple reason: Our servers do not respond to ICMP (ping’s protocol).

    Since we don’t open ICMP on our servers, you can check that the port is open with netcat. Ports 80, 443, 1080, and 9293 for QuotaGuard Static and ports 80, 443, 1081, and 9294 for QuotaGuard Shield.

    For example, you can check that ports are open for TCP on 9293 (http proxy) and 1080 (socks proxy) like below: ​

    nc -w 2 -zv us-east-static-01.quotaguard.com 9293
    Connection to us-east-static-01.quotaguard.com 9293 port [tcp/*] succeeded!

    Hopefully this helps avoid explain why trying to ping your IP’s isn’t working, it’s not because there is a problem or anything like that going on. It’s that we’ve disabled that capability.

    If you still have questions, write to us at Support.

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