Setting up Postman with QG Shield & QG Static

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    Let’s get the bad news out of the way first…unfortunately, Postman does not support HTTPS proxies. Since QuotaGuard Shield is an HTTPS proxy, we’re out of luck to use Shield.

    However, Postman does supports HTTP proxies - which allow HTTP and HTTPS traffic through them. Thankfully, QuotaGuard Static is an HTTP proxy.

    To make this work, you need to run Postman using our QGPass software.

    QGPass opens up an unathenticated HTTP proxy locally that Postman can then connect to. Then, QGPass sends the traffic onwards to our proxies using HTTPS.

    Here’s how to get this working:

    1. Download QGPass.

      For linux curl | tar xz

      For mac: curl | tar xz

    2. Run qgpass.

      QUOTAGUARDSHIELD_URL={your connection url} ./bin/qgpass sleep 100000

    3. Run Postman.

    In Postman, connect to a proxy (no username/password) at localhost on port 8080.

    If you hit any snags, as always, reach out to us at Support.

    Happy Tunneling!

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